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We are a thermal insulation contractor based in Birmingham, working all over the UK where we supply and install a wide range of materials, in accordance with current mechanical specifications and British standards.

We specialise in insulating HVAC systems within the commercial, industrial and domestic sectors.  With many years of experience within our team and a network of trusted suppliers and sub-contractors, we can cater for any of your H&V insulation requirements, delivering high-quality workmanship, on time, on schedule and at competitive prices. 

If you're looking for a duct insulation company then we are one of the most experienced players on the market. We can insulate all types of ductwork in all types of insulation and finishes.

Also, our sister company,, can provide you with expert insulation takeoff and tendering help also if that is what you are looking for, not just for insulation projects but for mechanical estimating, ventilation estimating, plumbing estimating  and electrical estimating

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What do Mechanical Insulation Contractors Do

Thermal insulation is a crucial aspect of maintaining the energy efficiency of any building. It helps to keep the temperature inside the building regulated, reducing the need for heating and cooling systems to work harder and ultimately saving on energy costs. One of the key areas where thermal insulation is needed is in the insulation of pipework and ductwork systems.

If you're looking to improve energy efficiency through various insulation services, thermal insulation contractors are crucial. They provide expert services in insulating pipework, ductwork, tanks, and vessels, ensuring not only energy conservation but also safety and compliance with industry standards. These professionals will assess your site, grasp your specific requirements, and propose bespoke solutions accordingly.

They are skilled at meeting strict deadlines while upholding professional standards. Therefore, engaging one is not just about insulation; it's about investing in knowledge, tailored solutions, and industry adherence.

Mechanical insulation contractors specialise in the insulation of mechanical systems such as pipework, ductwork and other HVAC equipment. These systems are crucial for maintaining the temperature and air quality of a building. Without proper insulation, heat or cold that is being transported through the pipes can be lost, resulting in higher energy costs. A mechanical insulation contractor can ensure that these systems are properly insulated and that the insulation is effective in reducing energy costs.

When it comes to choosing a thermal insulation contractor, it's important to do your research. Look for a company with a good reputation, and make sure that they have the necessary experience and qualifications to do the job. The best duct and pipe insulation installers will be able to provide you with a detailed quote and answer any questions you may have about the insulation process.

Thermal insulation is an important aspect of maintaining a building's energy efficiency. Thermal insulation installers play a crucial role in ensuring that the insulation of pipework and ductwork systems, as well as other mechanical systems, is properly installed and effective. Choosing the right thermal insulation company is essential to getting the job done right and saving energy costs.

Key Points

• Thermal insulation contractors specialise in insulating pipework, ductwork, tanks, and vessels, promoting energy efficiency and safety. They also install acoustic insulation to pipe and ductwork along with valve jackets.

• They offer comprehensive design, installation, and maintenance services and conduct full site surveys to identify specific insulation needs.

• Hiring these professionals ensures industry compliance, professional expertise, and tailored solutions for thermal insulation needs.

• Key qualities in thermal insulation contractors include certifications like TICA and ACAD, specialised training, and a strong track record of meeting deadlines.

• Future trends in the field include an emphasis on sustainability, smart insulation systems, digital project management tools, and collaboration with architects and engineers.

Importance of Thermal Insulation Contractors

The crucial role of thermal insulation contractors in promoting energy efficiency and safety across various industries cannot be overemphasised. You are part of a world where saving energy and reducing the carbon footprint are important. Thermal insulation contractors are your allies in this endeavour. With their professional expertise in insulating pipework, ductwork, tanks, and vessels, they help maintain optimal temperatures and prevent heat loss.

The installers of pipe insulation and the company that insulates ducts with whom you collaborate are more than just service providers. They are experienced professionals who ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards. 

Services Offered by Thermal Insulation Installers

Continuing on this path of energy conservation, let's explore how thermal insulation contractors can serve you with a broad spectrum of services, all aimed at enhancing energy efficiency and safety. As a leading thermal insulation company, they specialise in insulating various components like pipework, ductwork, tanks, and vessels. So, whether you're a public sector entity or a private sector client, you're in good hands.

A reputable pipe insulation contractor provides comprehensive design, installation, and maintenance services, guaranteeing project compliance every step of the way. This includes conducting full site surveys to pinpoint your specific thermal insulation needs. They're not just about installation either. Their maintenance services mean they'll be there to ensure your insulation continues to perform at its best.

If you're looking for a lagging company that operates in the commercial and industrial sectors, you'll find that Chase Insulations are an excellent choice. Their expertise extends to pipework insulation, ductwork insulation, metalwork cladding, and trace heating.

This comprehensive suite of services meets industry standards and goes beyond, helping you control condensation, prevent frost, and conserve heat energy. By using thermal insulation contractors, you're reducing carbon footprints and promoting energy efficiency.

Benefits of Hiring Lagging Companies

When you hire thermal insulation contractors, you're not just getting a service - you're investing in industry compliance, specialised expertise, and tailored solutions that meet your specific thermal insulation needs. They're not just experts in their field, they're partners in your mission to conserve energy and reduce carbon footprints.

These professionals come with the training and certifications needed to guarantee that your project is handled with utmost professionalism and credibility. Whether it's HVAC systems, pipework, ductwork, or vessels, they can provide the right insulation solution for you. 

Beyond the technicalities, what really sets these contractors apart is their dedication to your project. They conduct full site surveys to ascertain your exact thermal insulation requirements. This helps optimise energy conservation and cost-efficiency, making sure you're getting the most out of your investment.

And the best part? They have the resources to scale up teams and meet tight deadlines. So, whether it's a small home project or a large industrial assignment, you can count on them to deliver comprehensive design, installation, and maintenance services in a timely manner. Y

Qualities to Look for in a Thermal Insulation Company

When choosing the right thermal insulation contractor, it's crucial to know what to look for to ensure you're getting a high-quality service. You shouldn't settle for anything less, and why should you? You deserve a contractor who meets your expectations and excels in their industry.

Here are the key qualities you should watch out for:

• Certifications: Look for contractors with recognised qualifications such as TICA and ACAD certifications. This will give you confidence in their expertise.

• Specialised Training: Seek out those who provide unique training and hold skill cards for specific insulation applications.

• Safety and Standards: Your contractor should prioritise safety, comply with industry standards, and follow best practices in thermal insulation.

• Affiliations: Contractors who are actively engaged with industry associations demonstrate a dedication to ongoing improvement and upholding professional standards.

• Track Record: Choose contractors with a strong history of meeting deadlines and compliance requirements.

Future Trends in Thermal Insulation

As you assess potential contractors based on their qualifications and dedication to best practices, it's equally important to keep an eye on emerging trends in the thermal insulation industry. There is a growing emphasis on sustainability, with contractors using eco-friendly insulation materials to minimise environmental impact. This is not only beneficial for the planet, but also advantageous for you, enabling you to contribute to the solution while reducing your energy costs.

Continuous training and upskilling are becoming standard practices, guaranteeing that contractors meet evolving industry standards. This ensures that you receive a high-quality service that meets your requirements. Lastly, contractors are increasingly collaborating with architects and engineers to design buildings with superior insulation right from the start. By staying informed, you can be sure that you are hiring a contractor who is not only experienced, but also forward-thinking.

Commonly Asked Questions

What Does a Thermal Insulation Engineer Do?

As a thermal insulation engineer, you are responsible for designing, installing, and maintaining insulation systems. These systems reduce heat loss, prevent frost damage, and control condensation, making spaces more energy-efficient and comfortable for everyone.

What is thermal insulation in construction?

In construction, thermal insulation is your mate. It helps regulate your building's temperature, saving you energy and money. The key is to reduce heat transfer, ensuring your space is cosy and your building is more environmentally friendly.

How do I become an insulation specialist?

To become an insulation specialist, join industry groups like TICA or ACAD. Obtain a Skill Card, training, and qualifications. Stay updated on industry standards and gain hands-on experience. You'll be part of an important community.

What do thermal insulators do?

You would be involved in applying materials to reduce heat transfer, ensuring energy efficiency. You would work on various applications such as pipes, ductwork, and vessels. You would also focus on fire protection, frost prevention, and noise reduction.

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We are pipe insulation installers, and our work is to help conserve energy and stop it from being wasted in the form of heat and cold being emitted from HVAC systems. In addition to this, we implement and use the following methods to help reduce our carbon footprint:

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We geniunely value our customers. We will always go that extra mile to keep our clients and yours satisfied.

We encourage feedback and improving our services and the experience for our customers, no matter how small, is part of our long term business plan. Your concerns are our concerns and our goal is to help acheive your goals.

Thank you for your efforts on Platform 21 over the past year. I hope we get the opportunity to work together on the next project.

Chase insulations have succeeded to deliver a quality installation on time and with minimal snags. The labour was consistent and of a very good standard. The communications between your operatives and our supervision were fantastic and the workmanship was a very high standard. I wanted to thank you for your proactive and responsive support throughout the project and especially towards handover where you closed out your snags promptly and with zero complaints. Chase insulation's management team at Platform 21 was of a very high standard and any issues which were raised were treated with the correct amount of urgency by your staff.

I would be happy to work with Chase Insulation again and would recommend them based on their performance at P21. 

Imtech Engineering Services ltd.,

We have worked with a number of suppliers / providers over our 85 year history, but feel as though we have found a partner, in Chase Insulations, and not just another provider / supplier. They have the same ethos and culture as us, working together, open, honest and with an absolute focus on doing everything well. Great communicators and when any challenges do occur, the focus is on the resolution rather than finding someone to blame.


Mitton Group,

Chase Insulations have been a supply chain partner for a number of years, always delivering a high standard of workmanship. The attitude to quality and tidiness (which is often forgotten by many thermal insulating contractors) of there site team is testament to their business values. A friendly, flexible professional company.

Staffordshire Mechanical Solutions,

Chase insulations where a pleasure to work with. Great communication and excellent onsite. Look forward to many more projects together.

Salop Mechanical Ltd,

Having worked with Chase Insulations on numerous projects of various sizes, we have found them very professional and extremely efficient. Chase's management take a very direct, yet accommodating approach to way they manage their business which cuts out any confusion or misunderstanding, they work on solutions and not problems. All of their projects for us have been completed on time, within budget and to a very high standard. Chase Insulations are our first point of call for any works of this nature.

Inco Contracts Ltd,

We have used Chase Insulations services numerous times overs the years in contracting. These have not only always been competitive in terms cost, but carried out in a timely and efficient manner and to a high standard of finish. Just because a service may not be on show doesn't mean it should not be finished to a high standard! I would happily recommend their services...

Eurocom Technical Services Ltd,

During the last two years we have used Chase Insulations on several projects. Each time the works were carried out in a timely, cost effective, professional manner and to a high standard. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending Chase Insulations to anybody and I will certainly be using their services in the future.

TDR Mechanical Services Ltd,
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